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Our trained and experienced plumbing specialists do installations and repairs for all water and natural gas plumbing systems, both inside and outside your home or business. MPD Plumbing and Heating are a professional plumbing contractor and is up to date with state and local codes. Your safety is our primary concern

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Plumbing Repair and Installation

We solve plumbing problems like low water pressure, slow drain lines, water leaks and gas leaks. Installing separate water lines from the main to different locations of your home or business can solve most low water pressure problems. Having a separate waterline installed running to a master bathroom allows the bathtub to fill in just a few minutes. An inexperienced plumber will run your whole property off just one quarter inch water line from the main. For quality, reliable plumbing service you can trust call 781-544-0020.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodel

Whether you need to hook-up your natural gas appliances, reposition your water and gas lines or renovate your entire kitchen. MPD plumbing will ensure it is done right the 1st time. We work with local contractors that are licensed and insured for your safety. Home inspectors know of our quality workmanship.

Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

MPD Plumbing knows bathrooms. We have installed quality half baths to impressive master baths suites at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. We ensure you have the right amount of water pressure is supplied to your home or business for the latest in bathroom technology. From tank less water heaters, hot tubs and body sprays to full steam showers and wall hung toilets. Plumbing is an art and we have it mastered. New Bathroom Products

PROMOTION Whole House Filtration System installed Whole House Filtration System filters the water throughout your entire home. This system captures sediment, dirt and rust protecting water lines, water heater dishwasher, washing machine and icemaker. This system help to provide cleaner, clearer, better tasting drinking water.
** REBATES Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater up to $800.00 - Rebates available for Massachusetts residents from Gas Network

We also install outdoor showers & kitchens. Adding a comfortable outdoor space adds living space and increases the value of your home.

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Our plumbing installation & repair services include:

  • One of the most informative and knowledgeable plumbing companies I have ever used. Actually gave me better suggestions than I had researched on my own and SAVED ME MONEY! - George, Weymouth, MA
  • Expertly and efficiently repaired a boiler and fixed washing machine problems that had been there for years. Took initiative to inspect the rest of the plumbing. Made valuable suggestions that would save money and energy. Very impressive. Very professional. Very thorough. Excellent attitude and professional demeanor. - Kevin, Norwell, MA
  • Overall Excellent! Wow, the workmanship of Mike Dami is far superior to anyone else's I have seen. The pipes are truly a work of art. Efficiently completed a whole house project. Punctual and professional every day. - Jessy, Scituate, MA
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