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Kohler Standby Generators 14/20 RESA

Kohler Generator 14RESA Standby Generator

Kohler 14RESA is the most popular standby generator for home on the South Shore under 1800 square feet. The Kohler 14kw generator can be setup as a whole house standby generator if your home utilizes gas appliance and gas heat. Where electric appliance are used we would do a partial installation, selecting important areas of your home to have emergency power during a blackout.

The RESA 14kW air-cooled Kohler generator may be installed on large homes as a partial standby generator. We would have essential circuits of your home transfer over to the generator during a blackout. Items like heating, kitchen, garage doors, sump pumps and or an entire floor with air-conditioning.

Standby Generators

Kohler Generator 20RESA Standby Generator

For larger homes over 1600 square feet we recommend the Kohler 20RESA . The Kohler 20kw is our second most popular emergency generator. 20RESA will power an entire home with gas appliances up to 3,000 square feet. For large home with Electric appliance we would do a partial installation, selecting important items for emergency power.

The RESA 20kW air-cooled Kohler generator is the whole house generator of choice in most installations. Kohler 20RESA may be installed as a whole house generator for homes under 2,500 square feet (with gas heat, hot water and appliances), or as a partial house, essential circuits only generator for larger homes.

Backup Generators

Kohler RXT Transfer Switch - Standby Generator Brains

Kohler RXT 100AMP Transfer Switch

Kohler RXT Transfer switch for 100AMP homes allows us to select and monitor 16 circuits. For a partial backup system with a 14RESA generator. The RXT transfer switch is the brains of the operation

Generator Q and A

Kohler RXT 200AMP Transfer Switch

By far the most popular transfer switch. 200RXT Kohler transfer switch for both Partial installations and whole house installations. Whole house generator installation for 14RESA & 20RESA Kohler standby generators. Also used for partial installation of 20RESA whole house generator installation

Whole House Generators
  • Mike at MPD installed a Kohler 20kw generator for the house last month. He and his team were professional and clean. Help with the sizing of the generator and the location. I would recommenr MPD to friends and family. Harold C. Scituate, MA
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