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Below are some typical questions and answers on Kohler Generators. Our most popular Kohler Generators are RESA 14kw & RESA 20kw with the RXT Transfer switch. We install whole house generator systems in the South Shore, MA area.

If your Kohler home standby generator has been operating during an extended power outage, here are a few tips from our service team to keep handy. Please note that these are merely suggestions and maintenance guidelines. Please refer to your owners manuals for exact specifications and maintenance schedules. Its very important to service your generator correctly and in a timely manner.

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Q?How do I open the unit?

When you purchased your generator, you get a literature packet that contains the key. Insert the key into the lock and turn it 45 degrees to unlock. Lift the hood.

Q?How do I turn off my generator?

Open the hood. Move the circuit breaker to the OFF position to stop powering the house. The circuit breaker is located below the black controller. Once switched OFF, let the generator run for 2-5 minutes then press the blue OFF button located on the controller.

Q?How long can it run before I need to check the oil?

Be sure to check the oil every 8 hours and change the oil after every 100 hours of use. If this is not possible, at the very least, check the oil every 24 hours. Its very important that the oil is checked and changed correctly in a timely manner to avoid damaging your generator. Its important not to rely on the low oil pressure switch (which is very different from a low oil level switch) to shut the machine down. The damage will most likely already be done by the time this occurs.

Q?How much oil will my generator consume?

Since variables such as engine hours, load, model, and other factors influence fuel consumption, there is no standard amount of oil being consumed. As long as you check the oil level and change the oil as instructed then your generator should be in good condition.

Q?What type of oil do I put in the generator?

We recommend 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil. If thats not available, then you may also use conventional mineral base oil. If the engine has been serviced before and filled with conventional oil, then refill it with conventional. Its important not to mix the synthetic and conventional oil. It can damage your engine.

Q?Where is the dipstick?

The dipstick is located on the back of the engine and has a yellow ring or handle on the end of it.

Q?How do I check the oil? (do you use synthetic or conventional oil?)

After you turn off the generator, allow the engine to sit for 2 minutes to let the oil settle. To check the oil level, pull the dipstick from the back of the engine, wipe it with a clean rag and place it back into the dipstick tube. Pull the dipstick back out and examine the end of the dipstick. The end of the dipstick has crosshatching between an F (full) and an L(low). The oil level should fall between these two markings. If it is towards the low end, add oil. To add oil, find the yellow cap (thats engraved with a picture of an oil can) on the front of the engine. Add a few ounces of oil then check the oil level again by inserting and removing the dipstick. Repeat these steps and continue adding oil until the level is at or near the F (full). Do not overfill the engine. If the engine has been serviced before and filled with conventional oil, then refill it with conventional oil and NOT synthetic oil. Its important not to mix the two oils. Once oil is at a desirable level, start the generator by pressing the AUTO button. After the generator is started, flip the circuit breaker to the ON position and the generator should be supplying power to the house. Ask your Kohler service company what type of oil is being used. Keep a spare oil container handy.

Q?How can I extend the life of my Kohler Generator?

It is recommended that you turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances during a power outage. For power outages longer than a couple of hours you should lighten or shed the load of your generator, Like an automobile running at full power for long periods of time will shorten the life of your generator.

Q?Where can I get my Kohler rebate form?

You can download your Kohler rebate form on the generator page. On top navigation click generator

Kohler $150.00 rebate ends September 30th 2013.

Kohler Refer a friend $75.00 for you and $75.00 for your friend or fanily member is going on till December 31st 2013

Q?How far from the house is generator installed?

Building codes dictate minimum distance. Codes are different town to town.

Kohler recommends a minimum of 3 feet from the home. Exhaust should not face a window or door and never vent to property.

Generator codes for towns on the South Shore are 3 feet - 5 feet from the home. When installing a generator consider windows and bedroom locations (noise)

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