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We will run and install your gas fittings and gas pipe for your gas fireplace inserts, gas stoves and gas logs. South Shore residence are upgrading their old fireplace with an efficient gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces have come a long way in providing efficient heat in any room. Today's gas fire place can be installed vented or ventless and can be mounted in any room. MPD installs gas pipes for gas fireplaces in South Shore; Weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate, Norwell, Marshfield, Quincy, Pembroke, Rockland, Hanover, MA

Gas Pipe Installer for Fireplace Inserts

Replace your conventional inefficient and drafty old fire place with a natural gas fireplace insert. Natural gas fireplace inserts provide a comfortable setting and control remotely or a switch. Vent less gas fireplace inserts can be added anywhere in a wall. You decide, master bedroom kitchen or den. Today's natural gas fireplace products and accessories are safe and reliable. You can trust MPD plumbing and Heating for all your natural gas needs.

Gas Fittings for Gas Logs and Stove Installation

Gas stoves and gas logs provide radiant heat in just about any room in your home. Our certified gas plumbers and licensed teams are quick to arrive; they're all gas licensed and knowledgeable in high-efficiency gas heating systems. Trust your gas heating option with an licensed and insured Master Plumber. A safe gas stove and log installation will provide years of comfort.

Electric to Gas Conversion

Converting your electric appliances and water heater to natural gas can save hundreds of dollars each year. Call us today for a free quote on converting from electric to gas.

Tired of those high energy bills? We have stayed on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in energy-efficient heating systems for every home and budget. The new generation of gas fireplace and logs are extremely efficient and safe. Licensed and insured Master Plumber will ensure you and your family are safe

** GAS HEAT & BOILER REBATES get up to $1,500 - add indirect water heater for an aditional $400.00. Rebates available for Massachusetts residents from Gas Network

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Free Quote Gas Fireplace

Free Quotes in the South Shore area, 781-544-0020. See our plumbing discounts Page.

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Gas Heating Company Services include:

  • We highly recommend MPD Plumbing. This past year, MPD Plumbing converted our oil heating system to gas. During all the jobs we so appreciated Mike communicating with us; he returns phone calls promptly! Courteous, neat, and knowledgeable! They are our go to plumbers! Rose, Norwell, MA
  • Thank you for your help with the Gas Network rebate form. Got the check for $1,500.00.- Kathey, Cohasset, MA
  • Expertly and efficiently repaired a Buderus boiler. Took initiative to inspect the rest of the plumbing. Made valuable suggestions that would save money and energy. Jamie, Weymouth, MA
  • The water and gas pipes are truly a work of art. Efficiently completed a whole house project. Punctual and professional every day. - Elizebeth, Hingham, MA
Gas fittings and gas pipe firplace inserts and logs in the South Shore in Scituate, Cohasset, Norwell, Marshfield, Hingham, Weymouth, MA, South Shore
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